Investing in Colorado’s People and Communities

I believe in a Colorado based on fairness, hard work and responsibility. I am running for State Senate District 16 because I want to make sure that every child has access to an exceptional public school education with highly qualified teachers. We must work to protect our environment now, for future generations. Our state government must operate with transparency and accountability.

Picture of Tammy Story in a classroomK-12 Education
Public education is the backbone of our society. I support exemplary funding for K-12 education across our state so students can learn from the best teachers in safe, up-to-date classrooms. I believe in accountability and transparency without overburdening our children and teachers with excessive testing.

Continuing Education
College and technical training should be financially accessible to all high school graduates who wish to further their education. For far too many young people, crippling debt is the price of post-high school education. Colorado should be investing in its future, not limiting it.

Equal pay for equal work
People who perform the same or similar work should receive equal wages, regardless of gender or ethnicity. We must ensure that working Coloradans are earning enough to support their families.

Civil rights
All citizens should have equal rights and personal freedom without fear of discrimination. We must protect women’s rights to ensure women make their own healthcare decisions.

Our precious Colorado environment
We must protect the beauty and open spaces in Colorado that make our community such a beautiful place to live. Concerns about global climate change, energy sources, and land, air and water pollution must be addressed with scientific, research-based decisions.

It’s frustrating to drive on roads with potholes or to be stuck in traffic for hours on I-70. We must make improvements to our road system to ensure safety and reliability for years to come.

Colorado’s population is aging and people who have worked hard and saved for decades should be able to retire securely.

Emergency Preparedness
We still remember the fires and floods that have hurt our community. We have to work to minimize the impacts of such tragic events and ensure that we are ready to respond swiftly should such events happen again.

Government Efficiency and Accountability
Our state government should operate as smoothly, efficiently and transparently as possible. At the Capitol, I would work to ensure that our State government is accountable to the people of Colorado.